Upgrade Existing Porch/Breezeway

Use an existing structure for your new sunroom.

Tired of putting plastic up over the screens on your porch or breezeway every year? Want to finish the floor and decorate this space with comfortable furniture that will not have to be moved because of the weather? Let our factory trained carpenters enclose and seal this space with maintenance-free custom doors and windows exclusively provided by Seaway Manufacturing.

Enclosed Porch - Year Round Sunroom
Upgraded Screen Porch
Sunroom under existing roof
Studio Sunroom - fill in under existing roofline
Three Season Sunrooms

Why choose a sunroom?

Gain living space.

Year-round functionality.

Excellent investment.

Enjoy outdoors.

No weather worries.


Quick construction process.

No bugs.

More affordable than conventional room addition.

Custom designed and built.

Safe play space for children and pets.

Increase your home’s value.

Vacation retreat in your own home.